Mobile App Development Super - Junior

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This course continues the introduction of foundational concepts of computer programming, which unlocks the ability to make rich, interactive mobile apps. This course uses JavaScript as the programming language, and App Lab as the programming environment to build apps, but the concepts learned in these lessons span all programming languages and tools.


No of Sessions:16

Duration: 55mins/session

Age Group: 8-10yrs


Learning Elements

  • Analyze a while loop to determine if the initial condition will be met, how many times the loop will run, and if the loop will ever terminate.
  • Write programs that use while loops in a variety of contexts.
  • Use variables, iteration, and conditional logic within a loop to record the results of a repeated process.
  • Identify instances where a simulation might be useful to learn more about real-world phenomena.
  • Develop a simulation of a simple real-world phenomenon
  • Identify an array as a data structure used to store lists of information in programs.
  • Create arrays and access information stored within them using an index.
  • Manipulate an array using the append, insert, and remove operations.
  • Account for the fact that JavaScript arrays are zero-indexed when using them in a program.
  • Write code that implements a linear search on an unsorted array of numbers.
  • Write code to find the minimum value in an unsorted list of numbers.
  • Explain how binary search is more efficient than linear search but can only be used on sorted lists.
  • Use the return command to design functions.
  • Identify instances when a function with a return value can be used to contain frequently used computations within a program.
  • Design functions that return values to perform frequently needed computations within a program.

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